Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia

Recently Black Bough Poetry published an online edition of selected Top Tweet Tuesday poems called Sound and Vision, guest edited by Kitty Donnelly. It is available as a free pdf here.

My poem, “Cobblestones,” is included in this edition.

I’ve sharing my poem with dVerse Open Link Night.

40 thoughts on “Cobblestones

  1. Many many congratulations, Merril! 😍 I especially admire the image of those oyster shells crushed in the sand! *swoon* 💙💙

  2. Loving those tessellations of time… and the clarity of the cobbles’ colours in the mind’s eye, or are those “buried things” something else, mysteriously? … a journey beyond structures.

    • Thank you so much. I’m pleased this made you think. The “buried things” can be whatever you imagine. I think there must be many layers of things buried beneath the stones in any city.

  3. Congratulations, Merril. This took me to the beach and either reminiscing here in my chair or still at the beach, out of the sand and water with thoughts I’d be having have there.

  4. Beautiful! All those hands that set it down and all those feet that walked on it. I love the part about the ghosts reflected in the wavy glass.

  5. I remember reading ‘Cobblestones’ on Top Tweet Tuesday, Merril, and it’s a delight to read it again. I love the phrase ‘storm-slung seas’ and the idea of ‘oyster shells crushed into sand’ as ‘space-holders…. carrying trace minerals from stars’, and the alliterative ‘tessellations of time’.

  6. I love it, what a wonderful way to think about cobblestones.

    One thing i never said when you read it live is that sometimes I am reminded about the blood that sometimes has flooded over the cobblestones, there are those stories of people being executed publically and how the blood flowed… sorry fo being macabre.

    • Thank you so much, Björn.
      And no need to apologize for the macabre. I imagine the bodies buried under the stones. I also think of a study done on old privies and wells in Philadelphia where they found the bones of babies.

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