Day 21, Ekphrastic Challenge 2023

(Inspired by images AB21, BB21, OVP21)

That Anniversary

There were no white cliffs,
no mountains, no peaks,
but we watched small boats bob
and sail
with our ponderings adrift
like eagles with wide-spread wings
gliding over river miles.

Small stars floated in my glass
the universe contained and at our fingertips,
I watched the clouds breathe, and

we walked along the canals
under azure expanse, hand-in-hand, no words needed—
the robins flitting from bough to bough
sang our thoughts–
and later violet night enfolded us,
as we slept in her arms

I’ve revised mine slightly from the version posted on Paul’s page, but there is such a wonderful poetic range here inspired by the images for this day. You can see the art and read the poems here.

22 thoughts on “Day 21, Ekphrastic Challenge 2023

  1. I thought I’d forgotten to leave a comment, after I read this on Paul’s site. I knew it was yours straight away, as soon as I got to ‘small boats bob and sail’ then ‘ponderings’. So Merril 🙂
    The second stanza is beautiful.

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