Sad, Luscious Sea, and We

Sad, Luscious Sea, and We

Away, after, about life
with whom or what–
the ship you wanted sailed
from pink-rain mist to
rusted seas that cry why.

You must recall the summer,
it still aches blue, even as storm-skies
become drunk on purpleβ€”

the power of light diminished
like fiddle notes streaming into space
or peach-petals that drift from boughs to ground

a short-lived dream in time,
the whispers of both when and if.

My poem from the Oracle. Almost all the words came from her today, and the first line is exactly the first words she gave me today. I decided to go with the poem she gave me without much revising. Then I went back to her for a consult for the title.

34 thoughts on “Sad, Luscious Sea, and We

  1. “the ship you wanted sailed”–there is so much between those words. Interestingly, I just used luscious in my comment to Jane. I think yours is, once again, a bridge between mine and Jane’s. And another beautiful Redon–the colors are very like those in my collage. (K)

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