Day 23 Ekphrastic Challenge


Another day, another view–
the same trees with slight slant cast
different shadows
in this glance–
now cock-eyed robin
with sunset breast on a bough
where pink blooms dance—
only yesterday it was white
and my hair brown, overnight
shadows scant-seen slowly
slope, a slight slant light,
a transitory smile.

For Paul Brooke’s Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge. You can see the artwork read the other poems here.

37 thoughts on “Day 23 Ekphrastic Challenge

  1. This is a beautiful poem using all four images (I looked at the images, read your poem, went back to the images, reread the poem…saw how all the images were wonderfully woven.)

  2. These words are so weighted with meaning, at least for me:
    “only yesterday it was white
    and my hair brown”
    Love this poem, Merril. I’m so sorry to be so behind in reading. I’m not even going to try to catch up. I don’t think it’s humanly possible at this point, but you might catch me jumping around 😉

  3. Lovely!
    You didn’t mention which pics inspired you, but it seemed like it was the last 2.
    I always go look, and like.
    I commented on day 24.
    Will you miss this challenge when it’s over in 6 days?

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