Day 24 Ekphrastic Challenge

(Inspired by all 4 images)

Confounded Sight

The flapping flight of damselfly,
a flitting ballet to human views,
but compound eyes, a survivor’s look,
they were here with dinosaurs—

what if we saw as they do,
multi-imaged with iridescent hues,
or if we flew

through space to perch–
each cherry blossom, a universe
of twinkling pollen to a bee–

and what of rivers, or oceans,
do fish tell stories of what they see,

or wonder at the human folly,
the treasures roped-rigged and hauled
from watery depths,
when all we have to do is fall,

into love.

For Paul Brookes’ Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge. You can see the art and read the other poems here.

24 thoughts on “Day 24 Ekphrastic Challenge

  1. There are lots of details in this that I love, the association with damselflies and dinosaurs, the alliterative ‘f’ words, the ship and ocean metaphors, and that line,
    when all we have to do is fall,
    makes me think of the David Bowie line
    all you have to do is win.
    Which is funny, because I had a line from a song in my head too.

  2. Love this, Merril.
    I found the image of the damselfly pleasant and piquing.
    Although you have been inspired by all 4 images, to me your poem seems coloured a lot by the damselfly.

  3. You used all four images perfectly. This is a beautiful poem, Merril. I love that first stanza that sets the scene as we flit with the damselfly, observing…

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