This sunny April
afternoon light dances with
shadows, but notice?
They are like secret lovers–
the whisper of unsigned notes

frangible buds burst
open in bloom, an eye-blink
in star-time glimmer–
we’re bird-dropped flower seeds
adrift in eternal seas

With so many other things going on this month, I’ve missed many prompts. I’ve tried to combine three here. Sanaa’s Line messaging prompt, Punam’s song titles, and Colleen’s tanka Tuesday prompt to write a tanka. Writing tanka makes my brain hurt, even without trying to connect final lines, so I’ve only managed two stanzas. I’m sharing this with dVerse Open Link Night.

32 thoughts on “Transitory

  1. I love “frangible buds burst
    open in bloom, an eye-blink
    in star-time glimmer”! Seamless use of the lines and wonderful combining of the prompts, Merril. 💙
    Thanks for joining in.

  2. This one could have been inspired by the Oracle, the stars and ship imagery. That’s quite an exploit fitting in all the prompts into two five-line stanzas, and without it sounding anything but poetic!

  3. A delicate poem that suddenly bursts with ‘frangible buds’. I love the shadows ‘like secret lovers’, and ‘bird-dropped flower seeds / adrift in eternal seas’.

  4. A magical interlude. You wove those song titles in seamlessly. We’re enjoying those pink lawns here too–I wonder if they will be gone after our rain-drenched weekend. (K)

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