Day 29, Ekphrastic Challenge 2023


How to explain
the perfect prism of a day,
replication sustained in mirrored patterns,
a chimera of shapes and hues

wind-surfed from another realm,
the gift of dreams, that mind-sea space,
or collisions of electric light,
like glittering jewels

on the diadem circling our world,
a tilted laurel wreath,
self-contained but fragile
as an egg of robin blue—

flawless moments treasured
but rare, impossible to catch or hold–
tossed rings from a moving carousel.

For Paul Brookes’ Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge. You can see the artworks and read the poems here.

23 thoughts on “Day 29, Ekphrastic Challenge 2023

  1. Got you at ‘prism’.
    ‘a chimera of shapes and hues’
    I love the sound of that line. We had the same tone to our poems, the simplicity of the obvious that we don’t see. Too busy looking for the extravagant.

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