Day 30–the final day of Poetry Month and the Ekphrastic Challenge 2023


I traveled far today
on rain-splashed Dorset roads
traveled again to wharf and sea
to board in freedom or in chains,
a ghostly galleon, a whaler, or
ocean liner—to follow
the North Star, till
the Southern Cross glittered
above my head.

I was garbed in corset
and crinolines, wore threadbare
tatters in a drafty garret. I strolled
through fields of daffodils, and
rustled through the autumn leaves
on a solitary hike in well-worn jeans–

there I gloried at the clouded blues
and wondered who—or what—
might join the story,

but I turned the page,
closed the book,
and left (for now) my cozy library, my dreams, my diverting nook.

This is the final day, and my final poem, for Paul Brooke’s Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge. Thank you very much to Paul for hosting this challenge again, and thank you to the artists, Aaron, Beth, Oormila, and Sara, for your beautiful, inspiring work.

You can see today’s art (there were only three images) and read the other poems here.

18 thoughts on “Day 30–the final day of Poetry Month and the Ekphrastic Challenge 2023

  1. Congratulations, Merril. You have indeed travelled far throughout the month. Rather fittingly your namesake (albeit spelled Meryl) in the Scottish rugby team won the Player of the Match award in the final game of the Women’s Six Nations rugby tournament.

  2. Excellent. Your poem sounds like you’ve freed yourself!
    Really interesting words to go with those pics.
    Congrats on making the month!!!👏👏👏👏

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