Spring Songs

Vincent Van Gogh, Irises, 1889

Songs of Spring

Cool fiddler
from rooftop perch
running sea-shiny arpeggios
into the air
to gather the dreams of roses–

those were the days, we think
from beneath the rusted awnings–

life not a lie, not exactly
still, we wait for the spring rain
to wash the world clean.

Follow the full harmonies of flowers,
quiet blues and opera, an iris and a rose,
the pop songs of pansies, the show tunes of geraniums
the sunny tones of dandelions
growing wildβ€”

this season of when and more,
the world bright, green,

Two poems from the Oracle from two different sets. No if today, only when.

28 thoughts on “Spring Songs

  1. I love this pair of poems. The first one describes exactly what we were doing a minute ago, standing under the porch listening to the hail and watching the storm wash all the dust away. And I love the ‘sea-shiny arpeggios’ and the way the second one ends.

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