The Grammar of Love

The Grammar of Love

Learning lines
conjugating verbs–
yearn, yearns, yearn-
ing for life—
you are a full stop,
I want commas–love, and more.

A last-minute shadorma for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday prompt. It’s an ekphrastic challenge inspired by this painting. I don’t like the painting, especially the young man. And it isn’t helped by knowing Waldmüller was one of Hitler’s favorite artists.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, The Expected

40 thoughts on “The Grammar of Love

    • Thank you, Dale!

      I kind of feel like I ruined the painting for everyone, which was not my intention. I was just trying to explain my own feelings. We all like different things. 😬

      • My pleasure.

        And nah… you didn’t. Art is subjective and this piece affects you the way it does. Not a thing wrong with that!!

  1. What an unexpected take on the prompt painting! “[Y]ou are a full stop” is a powerful metaphor and, I would expect, true to the expected male/female roles of the time.

  2. Thanks for that bit of information Merril. It definitely changes the painting.
    And I like your interpretation. “I want commas”–yes, much better than endings. (K)

  3. I apologize for my lack of knowledge in art history, Merril. Had I know this fact, I would not have shared the painting. However, I appreciate your candor and for submitting your shadorma. ❤️

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  5. LOL, well, an interesting take anyway. I really like the girl though. She’s a dreamer, but also practical as can be seen by her clothing (hem length, colors, etc.) She’s also very self-contained. The boy has got to a joke. I mean really.

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