The Life Library

The Life Library

She topples, tilt-a-whirl, cartwheeling,
shifting words–and worlds–
“I” becomes her story,

hundreds of volumes to fill
each time she falls

into a book,
a slip, a smudge,

a ripple, a wrinkle, paper and life in origami folds
form timeless variations, endless stories—

her life mirrored, reflected, repeated,
repeated, repeated.

For dVerse, Mish introduced us to the amazing surreal art of Erik Johansson. It was difficult to choose an image, but I finally settled on these two.

©️Erik Johansson, “The Forest Library”
©️Erik Johansson, “Up the Past”

51 thoughts on “The Life Library

  1. Awww…..(just sad that out loud). The terse phrases felt like pages being turned, each one pulling her in further. Especially love “paper and life in origami folds”. The ending is perfect.

  2. What a lovely image of a reader and what reading does for her. I finally started taking some chunks of time (hours) to read a novel and, oh, boy, that feeling of slipping into another world, one different but also strangely familiar to my own world. You really captured the sensation with your poem!

      • Yes, I changed the settings on my comments to allow more people to comment, so then I had to make it so I approve them to prevent spam and crazies.

      • I’m laughing so hard now. Not to worry, Merril, this is just me being myself … which is slightly hysterical 😉

        If I ever get back into the routine of writing on my blog, moderating comments might be a good way to go. Currently, comments on my posts close after two weeks and that has minimized spam, but I still get some (as well as occasional complaints that comments are closed). What I don’t like is that sometimes legitimate comments go to spam, and I don’t know why. This is just a long way of saying that moderation might be a good alternative to what I’m doing now.

      • Now I’m laughing because you’re laughing.
        I feel like I still maybe miss some comments, if I let too much time go by. . . but oh well. There’s only so much time I can spend on blogs.

  3. I could just cry … yesterday I spent a goodly amount of time reading and commenting. This morning something niggled at my brain so I came back to this post only to find my comment is not here. Wah!! I so love this poem and how you describe perfectly the reading experience. My fingers are crossed that this comment goes through 🙂

  4. Your talent is immeasurable, my friend. The beautiful prose sucked my in immediately. The wrinkle…origami…timelessness part painted such a vivid image of exactly how captivating a great book can be. Great job! I applaud you! ❤

  5. Merril, I am glad to see you using that picture, I thought perhaps I was the only one. Library yes, for sure when the artist uses a name. Perhaps Bjorn’s librarian might straighten your subject out. Bjorn is missing today, hope he is okay.
    I too have an “I”, just one book, one line, remember, I am old. “I’ve had a good life, I have done everything that I need to do and most of the ones I want to do, I am ready for the next world.”

    • Thank you, Jim.
      I’m sorry I’m behind on reading. I have a lot of work and other writing commitments. I’m not certain I fully understand your comment, but thank you.
      As far as I know, Björn is OK. We can’t all respond to every prompt. 🙂

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