Between Bird and Bloom, Behold

Odilon Redon, Pandora

Between Bird and Bloom, Behold

these thousand epochs,
frantic beating through carapace
and feathers,

the tiny whispers of time
rolling over like a puppy
then onto something new–

rip the fabric of dreams,
recall how bees and butterflies
come because of flowersโ€”

colors, the fallen petals
from ancient light-boughs,

like children, descendants of unknown ancestors,
a shadow-smile, a wink. Answers to unasked if.

My poem from an early morning visit to the Oracle. I went back to get the title (exact words), and the Oracle also gave me “if” and the final phrase.

26 thoughts on “Between Bird and Bloom, Behold

  1. Wow, your oracle/poet’s loom has woven a rich fabric.
    The Redon painting is gorgeous. It’s my fave of all you have shown here. I have become a fan. Thank you, Merril!

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