Ode to May

Monday Morning Musings:

Ode to May

May days are bookended in songs
of robin and mockingbird
falling over us like catkins,
pollinating our souls.

In our blooming, we hear
the germination of star-sound,
taste Earth’s turning colors and blue sky,
after the rain

feel roots swallow and river breathe,
we reach toward our own star. The reaching
our constant, every why growing like dandelions,
smalls suns in a universe of green.

The grey and rainy days have made everything green, especially as we have had brilliant sunshine in between. For all who celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, I hope it was lovely. We went to my sister’s as usual. This time the weather cooperated, and it was a perfect day to sit outside for an all-afternoon brunch. Friday afternoon, our daughter met us at a winery, and we had a pleasant time talking and sipping a Cabernet. Saturday night, we ate homemade pizza and drank a red blend.

Merril’s Movie/TV Club: I finally got to see The Quiet Girl, the first Irish-language film nominated for an Oscar. It was playing here when some of my friends in Ireland and the UK were raving about it. Then when it finally was, I missed it. So, I was pleased to be able to stream it. It’s a Merril-movie, definitely not an action film. Beautifully filmed. Cáit is a girl who seldom speaks, and the adults around her mostly talk at people, rather than to them. I’d rather not see so much, but here’s the trailer.

We finished the Netflix show, Rough Diamonds, which we both enjoyed. It was an interesting mix of life in an Antwerp’s religious Jewish community and a more action, heist type of show.

Saturday and Sunday night, fans disappointed at not getting tickets to see Taylor Swift in Philadelphia could have camped out in our neighborhood to hear the concert. We’ve never experienced that before. I can’t imagine how loud it was at the venue! I’m glad it was cool enough, so we could close our windows.

54 thoughts on “Ode to May

  1. What lovely tender colours! I’m glad the weather brightened enough for you to be able to eat outside.
    We were just talking about The Quiet Girl. It’s showing at our local cinema. I’d like to see it though I don’t fancy coming home to find wreckage to clear up. Maybe we’ll stream it instead.

  2. Wonderful ode to May! Your pictures are as beautiful as your words.
    May has been a little of this and a little of that here, too. Saturday was sit in the sun weather (if you have something to block the wind!), Mother’s Day was not as warm but still sunny, it is raining today but that’s okay, as you say, the rain makes everything so green!
    We finished The Diplomat – man, was it good!
    The Quiet Girl sounds like a me movie as well. I’ll have to look for it.

  3. Beautiful Ode to May! Your poem is like being on a river cruise and taking in all the sights and sounds…so much wonder and beauty unfolding at every turn. The first two lines of this poem are such a joy…an incredible prelude to what follows next. I just love the ‘bookends’ of birdsong. So good. I don’t know what else to say…(beautiful cruise photos as well.)

    • Thank you very much, Linda.
      I’m so pleased my walks along the river had you imagining a cruise. We were not on a cruise. 🙂

      There’s so much activity around dawn and dusk both–and so much birdsong this time of year.

  4. May, what a beautiful month. Merril, your ode is a perfect picture of it. So are your photos.
    It’s starting here. We’ve plenty of rain, but not much sun. So, it’s a slow happening.
    Happy Mother’s Day! (belated)
    For some reason, I only want to watch comedies recently.
    Hahaha! Closing your windows to a TS event/music!
    I would have done the same.
    Although, I could think of many I would have left it open for.

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