Review: Ingrid Wilson, 40 Poems At 40

Ingrid Wilson, 40 Poems At 40

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I follow Ingrid Wilson’s Experiments in Fiction, and I looked forward to reading her book of poetry, 40 Poems at 40. I was not disappointed. Her “voyage of self-discovery,” is personal, but there is a universal appeal. Many readers will be able to relate to her first poem in the collection, “Unexpected Things” (A Villanelle), and the hope it conveys.

“Life is full of unexpected things:
the clouds part to reveal a golden sky
as I breathe in the hope each new day brings.”

In “One Poem at A Time,” Wilson explains,

“this is not a polemical poem.

I’ve changed my life, one poem at a time”

She goes on to write how poetry has healed her, “restoring inner light and harmony.” Her evocative poetry is written in several forms—I particularly liked the Cadralor. In her poems, Wilson travels through time and space—and takes readers with her to and from England, to the sea, to Venice, and elsewhere, sharing moments of love, joy, understanding, and grief.

Wilson has launched her own publishing business, Experiments in Fiction. Recently she published the highly rated Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women, an anthology edited by Gabriela Marie Milton.

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