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Monday Morning Musings:

It was a weekend of possibilities and near misses,


Might have beens,

fitting perhaps for a month that can’t decide

if it’s March or May.

A promise to drive someone

lost in the mist of early morning fogginess,

Friday the 13th,

just a day, just a number,

but perhaps we should beware.

The day worked out,

just not as planned,

son-in-law made his train,

husband drove daughter to work instead,

an opportunity to talk and visit.

There was a chocolate tour planned for Saturday.

cancelled for lack of registrants.

We will go another day.

There was a play we were supposed to see

but we didn’t go.

In between the canceled tour and the play we didn’t go to

we ate Chinese food

and watched the movie The Lady in the Van,

which also explores possibilities.

What would playwright Alan Bennet’s life have been like

if he had never met “the lady,” and if she had not lived in a van in his driveway for 15 years?

What would her life had been like?

Is it fate that they encountered each other?

Bound together, an unlikely couple.

I can’t hariolate.

no powers of divination here.

Perhaps you’re wondering why

we didn’t go to the play?

(Nope, not one of Alan Bennett’s. That would have been too weird.)

Well, that is the rest of the story.

Chance, fate

an unfortunate bedtime accident,

an automatic gesture of placing lens in eye–

done how many times over –could it be four decades?

Automatic gesture

at the wrong time

with the wrong solution

so a trip to the ER in the middle of the night.

Thank you, Dear.

I’ve never had to go to the ER before,

not for myself,

but it wasn’t on my bucket list.

Perks of not living in the city,

it was actually empty at 3 A.M.

Corneal ulcer

flushed with saline

a trip to the pharmacy

fortunately open 24-hrs

although the computers were down,

causing the pharmacist to be creative.

Thank you, Pharmacist.

So drops every two hours,

set the alarm,

and a visit to an ophthalmologist soon.

And meanwhile

I’m sitting here with my face close to the screen–

So I can see it—

But only for limited stretches.

I suppose it could have been far worse,



A near miss.


And we’ll see the play another day.