New Book: History of American Cooking


I am happy to announce that my latest book, History of American Cooking (ABC-CLIO Press), is available for purchase! [Cue the drum roll and trumpet fanfare.] OK. This news might not be all that exciting to you, but I received my author’s copies yesterday, and holding the book that you’ve labored over for months or years never gets old. Trust me.

What this book is:

*A concise reference for students and the general public

What this book is NOT:

*A cookbook

*A book for food historians and scholars

What this book includes:

*An examination of the history and practice of cooking from approximately the 15th century to the present

*A focus on one particular cooking method, such as baking or broiling, per chapter.

*In-depth discussions of such dishes as fried chicken, doughnuts, and Thanksgiving turkey

*A chronology

*Sample recipes, mainly from 19th century sources

*Witty asides and pop culture references (Well, you can decide.)

How do I get this amazing book?

I would be grateful if you would recommend this book to your public or school libraries, if you feel it would be of interest.