The Storms

I received this stunning new journal, The Storms, in the mail a couple of days ago. I do mean stunning. It is really beautiful with thick pages, color artwork–and of course, amazing poetry. I am Sooooo excited to have a poem in this inaugural issue!

It feels extra special because I knew editor-in-chief Damien B Donnelly “way back when”–when he and I used to write poems to Jane Dougherty’s prompts. (Jane also has a poem in this issue). Since then, Damien has published his debut poetry collection, Eat the Storms, is the host of the popular Eat the Storms podcast, and has published other collections. Yeah, he’s poet rock star. 😏 Gaynor Kane, who is a sparkling poet and artist and the author of Venus in Pink Marble and the new collection, Eight Types of Love, (in my reading queue) was the sub-editor. I loved the Belfast photos and paintings that Gaynor contributed for Paul Brookes’ ekphrastic challenge this past April. Congratulations to both of you for all your hard work and effort. You’ve truly created a work of art. 💙

Ekphrastic Challenge: Day 1, My poem, Abandoned

(Inspired by Gaynor Kane’s Abandoned)


the building with its
cornices, pilasters, and medallions,
its stained-glass windows
now dirt-begrimed,
its corners where cobwebs drip,
and its dust-blanketed floor, a canvas
for the nut-brown rats to paint
as they skitter-skat across it
after the owl moon rises.

Each night
it seems to tilt a bit more,
sigh harder
as if bearing the weight of the ghosts
who haunt it,
the call of the eternal is a murmur,
soft rat squeaks, chirrs, and thrums,
susurrations carried by motes, adrift in light.

It’s poetry month, and once again, I am participating in Paul Brookes’ April Ekphrastic Challenge. Each day, I will post my poem(s) here. You can see the art and read the other responses by going to Paul’s site here.
The artists are Gaynor Kane, John Phandal Law, and Anjum Wasim Dar.