Odilon Redon, The Muse on Pegasus


I ask the stars to grant me gifts,
to make time slide, to make it shift—
as grass turns green, and then it fades,
an imprint left within mind’s shade

holds fast. Now leaves in fall’s winds drift—
I ask the stars to grant me gifts
of poetry and light so blue–
on riverbank, pink blossoms strewn,

a carpet for the squirrels and deer
to scatter as they scamper here.
I ask the stars to grant me gifts,
to bind me when strong forces rift

the shore and sea, cause winds to howl
and whip the clouds to make them scowl—
then I’ll exist when shadows lift–
I ask the stars—this–grant me gifts.

A quatrain for dVerse. Rhyme is not required. I used a few words from Oracle I and from Kerfe’s Oracle 2 random words.
Maybe this poem is connected to my poem yesterday about the Oracle.