Spring Is

Monday Morning Musings:

Spring Is

“A Light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year”
–Emily Dickinson, A Light Exists in Spring

Spring is light, pale and sweet, apple blossom honey
over tangy goat cheese–

it is pink wave-bursts and blue-winged brushes,
and a salad of greens—avocado, spinach, kale
topped with scallion-white—

It is sailboats in a charming picture postcard
of azure sky and cotton ball clouds–
“Wish you were here,” it says
with scenes of lazy cattle in verdant meadows.

It is fuzzy goslings imprinted to follow,
through upside-down worlds,
and swooping eagles that dive and grab,
hunters and hunted,
celebration and sorrow.

Spring is violent,
each shot a seismic rattle
a warning that slithers and slides,
over network of scars covering shifting tectonic plates—
the big one is coming.

Spring is a sneeze and a roar,
charm gamboling from beneath shadows—eyes watching

at the river,
a circle forms where a fish surfaces—or the river breathes.
One breath, then another–gathering the light, reflecting it back.

I used some of Kerfe’s random words from Oracle 2. Last week seemed very busy—just work and poetry events—but somehow exhausting. I took on some extra work, so this week will be busy, too. (So, that’s why I’m procrastinating with poetry!). One day, I did see a goose couple who may have had been yelling at an eagle who took their babies. I’m not certain. Saturday was so beautiful that we went out to a local winey for a little while just to sit outside and have a glass of wine before coming home for dinner. Sunday, we visited my mother-in-law for an early Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, every day brings another mass shooting. And the GOP seems determined to crash our economy, too.

We started watching Rough Diamonds on Netflix, “In this Belgian thriller about the diamond trade, an estranged son who left ultra-Orthodoxy returns home to save the family business (Netflix).” It’s an interesting mix of family drama and rebellion against religious traditions and thriller involving diamonds and drugs.