Starlight Sower by Hai Knafo


In the light of the waxing moon,
a fiddler plays

a song of aching beauty
his notes fall like stars, drenching everything
in their afterglow, an evanescent flash,

each phrase asking if, each refrain a soaring why
in counterpoint to moon rhythm

each a part of the symphony,
of always–

of star-blossoms blooming time and again
like love.

It’s been a crazy week and a crazy weekend with some computer issues. Hopefully everything is resolved. This is my message from the Oracle that I started early yesterday morning. I’m sorry I’m so behind in commenting!

Falling Stars

Falling Stars

The child presses her face against the window glass,
watches as the sun sinks into the sea
and the first stars appear in the sky.
She makes a wish as one streaks, burns, and falls
vanishing like her neighbors.
(“Poor things,” her mother had said
when she saw their yellow stars.)
She wonders if they will send her a postcard
from wherever they are,
and if she can change her wish–
to see them again,
the doctor with the kind eyes
and his playful daughters with their flowing-wheat hair.

The child, older now,
presses her face against a now-cracked window,
watches the stars in a clear sky,
the bombs silenced,
she hears wind-murmurs
of hope returned and dreams remembered
bittersweet, like chocolate she ate—before.
She sees in streams of starlight
a vision sowed in sparkling silver waves,
and hopes her long-ago wish
will take root and grow.

Starlight Sower by Hai Knafo

I was writing something else, and the memory of painting above just popped into my head. One doesn’t ignore those things. I went looking for it in my posts and found a poem I had written several years ago. I’ve revised it slightly. Today is Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), sundown 27 April to sundown 28 April. The current war in Ukraine and the rise of authoritarian governments everywhere, makes this seem particularly timely. In one of the horrible ironies of this time, Jews, including Holocaust survivors, have fled Ukraine to seek refuge in Berlin.
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Sky Show: Tanka


watch sky-show above

sing light language symphony

together through storms


we ache elaborately

gown’d by life and could have–but


Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 8.33.07 AM

The Oracle gave me a Tanka for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. The prompt words were watch and voice. I substituted sing for voice–because you don’t argue with the Oracle. 😉