On the Edge of the Abyss

“So I sit on the edge, wagging my feet above the abyss”

–Jim Harrison, “Bridge,” Dead Man’s Float


The sun doesn’t have to shine

nor the moon to glow and hum

her shimmery tunes

at night when all the world

seems dark and full of despair–

and there

on the edge of the abyss,

he, she, they—perhaps I—


wondering is this it?


do not the stars twinkle

and the rivers flow to the sea

where life emerges to be

part of an endless cycle—

like despair from wishes

caught like fishes—

unable to be freed.

So, sometimes unperceived

a life not filled with joy,

but strife,

tragic when it ends

in midnight pain,

a sudden downpour,

a heavy rain.

Still, the stars twinkle

and sprinkle


with sparkling light

what may be or might

like the sun

once again come


This is another poem for Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason, where we are writing poetry based on Jim Harrison’s poetry. This is Day 8.

I’ve also linked this to Björn’s prompt at dVerse. He asked us to write using negation. I’m not sure if this is it. . .

There are have been two recent celebrity suicides—Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain—but we all know of more–people who are not so famous.










The Enigma: NaPoWriMo

He always had a smile,

stopped to chat a bit, awhile

with friends he met out in the street


Magazine covers featured his face,

seen here and there and every place

he was in demand to meet-and-greet


Men admired his style,

women loved his smile,

sighed and wondered if his lips were sweet


He was considered hale and hearty

invited to every important party

(without him the guest list was incomplete)


But on one inconsequential night

shortly before dawn rose bright

he placed a gun against his head

shocked, he was an enigma, everybody said.


This is for  NaPoWriMo-Day 4. The prompt was an enigma or riddle.