What you Will, or What we Wish Might Be

Monday Morning Musings:

What You Will, or What We Wish May Be

“A great while ago the world begun,
With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,
But that’s all one, our play is done,
And we’ll strive to please you every day.”
“The rain it raineth every day” from Twelfth Night by
William Shakespeare

What you will, or what we wish may be–
the rain it comes, and grass grows green,
the flowers bloom, and bees they feed
the songbirds sing and scatter seed

across the fields, from river to sea
random blossoms, a so-called weed,
yellow, brown, then green once more,
almost as it was before

but never quite. Perhaps you see
the endless blue, and wonder if or how
you fit as future flits. Is dawn preview
of what will come, or déja vu?

I’ve been here before, but can’t foresee–
only wish for what may be,
no Cassandra, no decree,
all is chance despite prayers or plea—

the storms come, the sun shines,
so laugh and drink the wine,
love fiercely while berries ripen and leaves fall,
in thrall of light, darkness comes to all

we say goodnight, and if nothing is as it seems,
it’s curse and comfort, that we dream.

We’ve had more sun than rain this week, though Saturday was rainy, and it was not a fun drive to the wine bar we visited with our daughter and son-in-law. We sampled a variety of wines and nibbled on cheese. I tried a Greek Xinomavro, a French Syrah, and a Barolo Nebbiolo, which my daughter thought should have aged more. Her Piedmont Nebbiolo seemed more complex, if not as full-bodied.

I took flatbread from the freezer and mixed-up toppings from what we had in the refrigerator for dinner that night—Gouda, red onion, and broccoli on one, garlicky mushrooms, goat cheese, and scallions on the other. Delicious!

Yesterday, we saw the Lantern Theater’s production of Twelfth Night, the subtitle is “or What you Will.” It was a wonderful performance in an intimate space with well performed musical numbers and well-acted comic performances. We walked around the city a bit first. (The garden wall guardian is for Kerfe. )

Next month we’ll be seeing another performance of Twelfth Night that will most likely be very different, but hopefully just as enjoyable.