Poem in Visual Verse

I have a poem up in this month’s Visual Verse. I am in good company in this issue:

Jane Dougherty, Kerfe Roig, and Luanne Castle are among the published responses (so far) to this month’s image by Olga Naida. The Visual Verse images are always . . .unusual. You can read my poem, “Near Miss,” and see the image here.

You can read all the responses here.

Poem in Visual Verse: What the Hummingbird Sees

My poem, “What the Hummingbird Sees,” is in the latest issue of Visual Verse. You can read it here.

“They call her Hummingbird, tiny and splendidly arrayed,
flitting from task to task, as they to flowers,”

The poem is a response to the image by Susan Fenimore Cooper. You will most likely recognize and want to read other poets in this issue, Vol.9, Chapter 5