Two Poems Up in Black Bough Poetry


The morning moon hummed fiercely today in the heat. I will be staying inside and taking work breaks to read Issue 2 of Black Bough Poetry, “Lux Aeterna” –Eternal Light. It is filled with tributes to Apollo 11–breathtaking poems and wonderful artwork. Please do take a look.

I am thrilled to have two poems in this issue, “Moon Landing” and “Dark Matter.” Thank you to editor Matthew M C Smith (no relation, though my husband has some Welsh ancestry. . .) for selecting my poems and for editorial suggestions on “Dark Matter.”

These are the grown puppies mentioned in “Moon Landing”–a bit blurred, like a memory.




41 thoughts on “Two Poems Up in Black Bough Poetry

  1. Congratulations! Such good poems too. I love the way you anchor the moon to the earth with the two puppies, and the second one takes us in the other direction, whirling off into space.

  2. Love your poems, Merril. Oh, and congratulations! “Moon Landing” reminded me of when I watched the moon landing with my aunt and her family. No puppies to speak of, and I don’t even remember how I wound up at my aunt’s. That is, I don’t remember if my own mother was there, or if my aunt was giving her a night off 😉 (I was 12.) I just remember the grainy picture on the TV, the dark room (the only light coming from the kitchen, a galaxy away), and a cluster of warm bodies. We watched history being made and then, possibly, my cousins started fighting which they often did. Back to earth 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Merril! Unfortunately, I’m seeing this a little late, and the link doesn’t work. I’ve even tried a link at Black Bough Poetry on Twitter, with the same result. I’ll keep an eye open, in the event you post the poems to your page.

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