But At Last We Ask: Covid Poetry



But at last we ask

in dreams,

as days fast-wane–


we ask

what we must recall

of sun on rocks,


and sprays of petals pink

against an impossible blue–

we ache–asking


does the moon hum

of if

or never?


We ask without language

for more words;

we ask to start over.


The Oracle knows what is going on around us. I decided to also incorporate the “More Words” “Start Over” message at the bottom of the magnetic poetry screen. The photo was taken last April.

35 thoughts on “But At Last We Ask: Covid Poetry

  1. I have many of the same words, if not exactly the same tone. But I still have to finish my art. Those last 3 lines exactly summarize the overall feeling in the world. (K)

  2. Yes, dreams convey wisdom often beyond words … encouraging dreams in times that make no sense makes LOTS of sense. My sense of the moon humming is like my mother years past when busy with routine chores, tuning out distractions.

  3. Beautiful. “we ask to start over.” Yes. I’ve found myself thinking that in some form or another, but have to admit that I’ve been thinking that (in some form or another) for a few years now.

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