Where There’s a Will

Monday Morning Musings:


Will you walk with me
through clouded pink–
the light diffused, brushing wings
to make them glow—this sight, the morning rites
of nature bound by the seasons,
the revolutions round the sun, the wax and waning of the moon.

Heron in the dawn clouds
Coy Morning Moon

Where there’s a will, is there a way
to hold these moments close and tight
to heart and brain? Mindfulness or determination
to see and feel and listen—
do you hear
the sound of secret things?

I wonder—do even vultures dream?
They mate for life, finding the perfect husband or wife.
Do they hope for the future—croon
to their young? This I leave you,
this is yours—the sky, the trees–
the scent of death you smell on the breeze. Circle and fly.

Where there’s a will, is there a way
to make the sweetness stay—
away the aches and nightmare shadows! Come tomorrow.
Will you? Won’t you? Seek joy with friends and family,
share food and wine, linger in a moment–
the season of the in-between

Cloud reflections on the Delaware
Sun giving birth

the twilight dawning, the morning of a new day,
a mockingbird is singing, the leaves are falling.
And there’s the moon, she’s calling,
bewitching you, it’s true. But she’s asks, will you,
is there a way? Will you both love
and do what’s right? Will you walk with me? Look! That light.

Morning Mist over the Delaware River

We had brunch with friends over the weekend and signed their wills as witnesses. We enjoyed wine and pizza again at Blue Cork Winery in Williamstown, NJ, where our daughter, who has left teaching, at least for the time being, is now the Wine Development Manager.

If you like epic historical novels, The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray tells the story of three women in three different time periods. Two are real women, the third is a fictional character—but all with the will to fight for what was right. I knew nothing of Adrienne Lafayette or the Chateau, so I found that very interesting—and also to learn that the Chateau continued to be a place of rights and freedom even during WWII, when it served as hiding place to protect Jewish children.

47 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will

  1. The sounds of your soft, soothing verse and sight of your gently hued photos are beautifully evocative. Unfortunately I find that the other pictures in long slices forcing us into the galleries if we want to see them really interrupts the flow. This happens now on many others’ posts.

  2. Your photos are worthy of Turner.
    I wonder how many have left teaching in this uncertain time. Too many I fear. I can’t believe the teacher’s union here is out demonstrating against vaccines…my teaching friends had enough years of service to retire, and they did (with vaccinations).

  3. So many great ways to think about “will.” Will you be mine? Will I say Yes? My will is your desire. Sign the will! So important these days, to have a will. And your daughter decided to leave teaching – that’s a surprise. I wonder if she’ll miss it, or enjoy her new and different role. Teaching has become SO much more stressful – it’s not for the faint-hearted, or even the big-hearted. Much luck to her! My daughter is hanging in there as a 6th grade science teacher, but the exhaustion in her eyes says a lot.

    • Thank you, Pam. I’m glad you enjoyed my play on will.
      Yes, it certainly wasn’t a sudden decision for my daughter. She’s been working part-time at the winery for awhile, but this seemed like the right time to try something different. She misses the students, but not the other stuff. She taught 8th grade English (and the year before she also taught one 5th grade class), so middle school like your daughter.

  4. I was struck by the stanza beginning “I wonder—do even vultures dream?” I think you must be the first person to ask this question. In any event, I appreciated such a thought-provoking bit of poetry. I can understand your daughter’s leaving teaching. It must be a relief for her to be out of such a stressful and politicized environment.

  5. Quite a deep musing, Merril.
    In the end it is explained. Wills are an emotional experience for most, even when one is being one’s most practical.
    Then main thing, though, is that you had pizza and wine!
    OMG that looks good! Is that a Caprese Pizza!

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