Sailing Through Time


Redon, “Barque Mystique”


In a dream,

I sailed the night sky,

swallowed the music of the stars,

merged with them, glowing incandescent,

red shifting, drifting through time and beyond–


and when I woke,

I took your hand. We opened a door

together, began a new life,

of hopes, fears, love, tears–

ebbing, flowing, drifting through time–and beyond.


For  Anmol’s prompt on dVerse, “Portals,”  

I’m using this Redon painting again because it fits.







52 thoughts on “Sailing Through Time

  1. Sometimes we have to follow our dreams! I like the parallel between the dream of a journey, and the stepping into that great journey of a life together. A nice way of using a metaphor without using a metaphor. There must be a word for that.

  2. I’m glad you used the Redon painting, I love the colours in it, and it does fit your poem. I enjoy boat rides as much as train rides, Merril, it’s liberating and the ocean is such a mysterious place, similar to space. I love the thought of swallowing the music of the stars, merging with them and glowing incandescent. A good sign in a dream – and a dream s a true portal..

  3. So wonderful, dreams are the ultimate passageway to another reality, linked sometimes to this dream of waking. How nice to wake to another who shares your dreams. When you hold another, it is like sailing in the stars, we are, after all, ourselves made of stardust. how nice to be able to hold it. I love the sound of the cascading parallel lines of gerunds, all that shifting, drifting, ebbing, and drifting again. love it.

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