The Blue of New Beginnings


Flowers seen during my walk this morning.


Flowers almost embrace

the blushing clouds of morning

broken by a kiss of light,

and the blue of new beginnings

lifts the purple shadows

and soars


~through an open window~


birdsong, music of summer mornings

calls rain, recalls life

in honeyed glowβ€”

dream whispers that linger

in pink sprays, above the trees

the wind sings if, when, now.


My message, another puente, from the Oracle. She likes to be a bit enigmatic, but she knew–of course–that I went out for a long walk this morning.





39 thoughts on “The Blue of New Beginnings

  1. I love this beautiful work of word artistry and the all the color references. The colors and hues really spoke to me.

    • I’m not clear what you’re asking, Marian. You can think of anything you want!πŸ˜€ I did not intend the poem to be about color blending but if that’s where your mind went, then that’s as valid as anything else. Certainly the day’s hues are constantly changing.

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