Listen for the Song: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 29

Concentrate on hearing voices
-Kerfe Roig

in the wine-dark night
for sailing ships, diamond bright,
they carry cargoes of mother-dreams,
the birth of when and then and why,
and all the new-born cries
of star-kissed light—

but all the comets, streaking bright,
no portents cry, no signs of will or won’t–
no constancy—just light.

Yet concentrate on the soulful sound,
of shimmering stars, and all around
hear the ringing ding dong ding
as bird-winged they twinkle-sing—

now watch as the comet phoenix-flies,
and listen as its call from ashes rises
not fate, fortunes, nothing symbolized–

simply light and song—
what you wanted all along.

For Day 29 of Paul Brookes’ Ekphrastic Challenge. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge and of poetry month.

29 thoughts on “Listen for the Song: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 29

  1. Listen to the wine-dark night and know that this is a poem by Merril 🙂 There are some beautiful paw-prints that are instantly recognisable. Like going cosmic. I love the way you do that!

  2. Beautiful! I just read this in the morning, but it feels like I have been out on the high seas in a tall ship…just stars, and time to think about life, and all the beauty to be found in the ‘twinkling stars’ of our dreams. (I have enjoyed reading your poems on this journey…I need to go back and catch-up on the ones I missed!)

    • Thank you, Jill. Hahaha, no. 😀
      These ekphrastic challenge poems are written the day before I post them so I can send them to Paul for his post. I seldom write at night anyway.

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