We Measure Time

Monday Morning Musings:

We measure time in sunglow and moon-sighs,
in the numbers of hellos, goodbyes–
and we do it again.

We measure time in heartbeats,
the food we eat,
the hours spent with friends,

our hair greying,
our shadows growing
as wine in summer glows, easygoing

like a lazy river flowing
the memories growing—
love, family, companions—

Kayaker seen from Martine’s. Delaware River at New Hope, Bucks County, PA

Do you remember? I say,
that time, this day?
We celebrate the decades gone

and hope that more remain,
though nothing stays the same.
Still, the sun glows, the moon sighs,

hello, goodbye. Love moves through phases,
so do I. Waxing, waning, silver, gold, while the sun blazes
I might seem cold,

but I’ll still shine while you grow old.
So, measure time in love you hold
folded gently, held within–every story told.

Schuylkill River near the Water Works.
By the Schuylkill River, June 2021

We celebrated our wedding anniversary by walking through Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve in Bucks County, PA, and then having a delightful lunch at Martine’s Riverhouse in New Hope. We walked through the town a bit, and then walked along the canal path. We couldn’t have ordered a more beautiful day. Earlier in the week, we enjoyed wine with dear friends at William Heritage Winery. On Saturday, we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the first time since the pandemic, and then walked along the Schuylkill River. It rained, and then got steamy. For dinner that night, we opened some champagne and ate Indian food from Spice Affair Indian Cuisine in Swedesboro. Then ate leftovers the next night.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
Canal Path, New Hope
Schuylkill River in the Rain, June 26, 2021

Schuylkill Timeline by Jonathan Laidacker— Mural Arts

Merril’s Movie Club: We re-watched the movie About Time (2013). It’s on Netflix. I’m not especially into romantic comedies, but this one is delightful. There’s time travel, family, and searching for love. I will watch almost anything with Bill Nighy, and the father-son scenes are especially touching and funny.

41 thoughts on “We Measure Time

  1. It looks and sounds like you had a picture perfect anniversary celebration, Merril. Beautiful musings and photographs today. Your husband is always so animated. He seems to enjoy having his picture taken. 😉

    • Thank you so much, Jill. We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day.
      I don’t know if he really likes his picture taken, he just acts goofy if he sees I’m taking one. 😀

  2. Love this: “So, measure time in love you hold / folded gently, held within–every story told.” Thanks! I hold love for those I’m with and also for those who’ve gone on ahead of me – we are still connected, just on different planes.

    • Thank you so much, Ken. You are so right about having someone to measure time with.

      I think the stone structure you mean is at the “new pond” at Bowman’s Hill. It’s very pretty with a sort of meadow around it. There’s an old pond and streams throughout the preserve.

  3. A beautiful post evoking the memories of a shared lifetime. As you know we had a huge hiatus in ours but we share our early ones and filling in the gaps has made those we didn’t experience together part of our individual psyches

      • I’m sorry, Liz. That’s rough. It’s funny two when my sisters and I compare memories that we remember different things. And my brother is so much older that he had a whole different experience with our grandparents and parents.

      • My brother, my dad, and I were in sync with what we remembered, my mother and I not so much. Apparently, she was in survival mode when George and I were children because we were so mischievous.

      • Interesting. I’m not sure I ever compared memories (or don’t remember) with my parents and siblings like that. My younger sister, my niece (who we call our sister), and I were recently sharing memories of my dad. My niece didn’t have a father, so she always called him Daddy, but she was a little kid when I was grown and married.

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