Poems Up on Fevers of the Mind

I have three poems showcased on the Fevers of the Mind Website. I guess they went up yesterday, but I just saw them shared today. One is a Leonard Cohen inspired poem.

My thanks to editor David L O’Nan!

I’m going to share the last one, “Spaces” with Open Link Night on dVerse. It’s live!

52 thoughts on “Poems Up on Fevers of the Mind

  1. Loved them all, Merril, but that middle piece is best IMO. I esp like the sapphire waves reflecting the silver wings of the Angel of Death snapping up the rainbow flounder. Great visuals! Congrats!

  2. Cohen has been my Muse so many many times, as does Joni Mitchell. Odd that they were a couple or a time. I enjoyed your live recitation of SPACES.

  3. I read Spaces and some of your other poems at your website fevers of the mind.
    Nice hearing you read Spaces today at the Live meet


  4. Many many heart congratulations, Merril 😀 I so enjoyed “Spaces,” especially this bit in particular; “a fraction of a second that vanishes with the evanescent sparkle of spindrift in the air, a synaptic connection made and gone, winged on white gull against grey-blue sky.”💝💝

    • Thank you so much for reading all three, Helen. They were going to go into a Leonard Cohen anthology, but David L O’Nan decided not to do the anthology, so he offered to publish the poems on his site instead. I believe there are other Cohen inspired poems he’s published.
      We saw a wonderful Leonard Cohen dance program from a Montreal ballet a few years ago.

  5. So enjoyed hearing you read at LIVE! And congratulations on these being published.
    I like them all very much. I am most smitten with these words
    “And so, we waltz, three-quarters beyond time,
    pausing like birds, then soaring high again,
    in rhythm, feeling the universe’s beat.”

  6. Gorgeous poems, Merril! I especially love the first one, too many beautiful lines to mention. The line “fly shadow-winged toward the blazing sun” really sticks with me, and “that space between heartbeats” ❤

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