What about Dreams?

Monday Morning Musings:

Sunrise Clouds–a new day

What About Dreams?

I’ve written of the river ghosts,
but what about the dreams

that drift, twinkling like stars
beyond reach—as far as

the eagle that soars so high,
blink, and she’s gone–yet seen–

Bald Eagle flying over the river

or the shy deer with quivering ears
who disappears—

but some dreams are like herons
still and waiting to pounce,

A heron at Red Bank Battlefield, and two heron photos by Doug at Pittman Golf Club.

remembered with a sigh, a shudder,
or a smile,

some–you want them to stay awhile.

History slogs, then leaps,
slings arrows of love and hate.

Light and Shadow at Red Bank Battlefield

We are cool—then hot,
here, then not. But

in a world where bees may think and feel,
and trees whisper deep underground,

why is it strange to believe that stars sing,
or that dreams might come true?

It’s been very hot and humid. We didn’t go anywhere this week, but we did celebrate Shabbos virtually with our children and their spouses.

Shabbat Shalom!

I had access from Focus Features for a free streaming of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. It’s what I think of as a “comfy” film. You know that there will be some upsets, but somehow it will all work out in the end. It’s sort of a fairy tale. The acting is excellent and the film looks beautiful. The Dior gowns, of course, are gorgeous. I thought later that though the dream to go to Paris to buy a Dior gown is not something I can relate to, most people have dreamt of doing something, so in that way, her seeking the gown is a sort of symbol and the movie a quest. It’s not deep, but it’s charming. A definite feel-good movie.

We also went to our video backlog and watched another play. This one was Pipeline on Live from Lincoln Center. It was excellent—both the play itself and the performance. The poem “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks is referenced several times in the play. I found this wonderful video about Brooks and the poem by Manual Cinema on the Poetry Foundation site. We’ve seen Manual Cinema performances live twice, and their shows are wonderful.

And if you missed it, there was an amazing discovery at Red Bank Battlefield, the park where I walk nearly every day, that I wrote about here.

38 thoughts on “What about Dreams?

  1. I’ve been having some interesting dreams lately, after a long time not being able to remember any…we should never stop believing they might come true!

  2. I’ll admit as cold as it is at my day job, I’m enjoying the heat and humidity when I step outside. Beautiful musings today, Merril. The Light and Shadow at Red Bank Battlefield is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I particularly like how you use rhyme in today’s musings. Every time I spot a heron, it feels like a moment of grace, so the last photo of Henry the Heron is my favorite out of today’s group. (The composition is really good, too.)

  4. This was lovely, Merril. Why not? Why shouldn’t the stars sing.
    Oh, I saw the ad for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and wanted to put it on my “to watch” list. I had the impression it would be a “comfy” film 🙂 I cannot fathom using that as an excuse to go to Paris but hey, whatever works, right?

  5. I prefer not to dream as most of my dreams are what I call “angst” dreams … you know, running late for a meeting only to get there and realize I’m naked. But waking dreams are something else. That’s where I guide my mind to a scenario that might not be real but still gives me pleasure. And here, “why is it strange to believe that stars sing,
    or that dreams might come true?” Why is it strange, indeed, given all that we’re learning about the natural world?

  6. I’ve been building stairs in my dreams lately. Not sure what that’s all about, but at least it isn’t a nightmare. 🙂 Beautiful poetry, as always, Merril. I had not heard about the discoveries at the battlefield (and just went to look at your post). River Ghosts. I bet there are quite a few of them in your area.

  7. I don’t know how I’ve only just now started reading your poetry but I’m so glad you’re here. The pacing with your photos is perfect… And I love that you worked in the recent science news about the inner life of bees! No real surprise to thinking, feeling people but inspiring to keep writing about and sharing while there’s still time to make a difference.

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