They’re Still Here

Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, Cretaceous Life of New Jersey, 1877, Princeton University (I’m amused by the disclaimer that the painting is not an accurate depiction of dinosaurs.)

They’re Still Here

In this marvelous country, dinosaurs hunt
the weak and dispensable—well, the prisons are full,
and there’s cash to be made.
Here, sign the contract.

In this marvelous country, mammoth buildings
line the ocean, displaying themselves—so lively!
They flash their décolletage glass—so desirable!
But you must pay for the pleasure of their company.
Verify your credentials. Here’s your key.

In this marvelous country, frogs jump
and some still look to see, some still draw, read books,
eat dinners together and converse.
This truly is an amazing place—
except for the dinosaurs

bent on destruction
with tiny brains and stomping feet–
we thought they were gone, extinct,
but monsters only hide in the shadows,
they never truly go away.

Not my usual sort of thing, but there’s no arguing with Oracles. From Jane’s random words from a couple days ago.

25 thoughts on “They’re Still Here

  1. Your words from Oracle, blessed be She, are scary. Expertly done Merril thank you and thanks from me to the Oracle. Maybe an urge or nudge of the importance of facing these b…..y monsters …

  2. Truth through humour is a great way to help people see.
    Even if we already know, there is a part of life where I keep learning the same lessons over and over.Only now I know them better.
    A fab write, Merril!

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