Enough and More

Odilon Redon, Flower Clouds

Enough and More

Here trees and birds brush-kiss the feathered sky
in blue-on-blue reflections, breathe a sigh.

No pause, no hesitation comes, so wise
trees are, roots down, boughs high, as birds they rise

bright-eyed, wings spread, and yes, I’d fly with you,
outstretched into the blue of sky and through.

And then, we’d float on mirrored sea, our boat
enwrapped in harmony, the world remote.

I’d watch the heron strut, fish-dive, and soar–
yes, this is enough, I’d need nothing more.

Some readers might be confused about the day from the image, but it fits so perfectly.
A poem in couplets, rhymed, iambic pentameter, for dVerse. I couldn’t quite manage to make all of the couplets closed. This is a revision of a poem that coincidentally, I wrote almost exactly two years ago for another dVerse prompt.

31 thoughts on “Enough and More

  1. Absolutely stunning, Merril! I most especially love these lines:
    “And then, we’d float on mirrored sea, our boat
    enwrapped in harmony, the world remote.”
    Yes, yes, I want to do this with my love….sigh.

  2. This is lovely, Merril.
    Brings me back to my week away where tree met sky and roots snagged foot and I felt one with the sky atop the water tower and we floated in our little creek. A happy poem.

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