Brilliant Things

Monday Morning Musings:

Brilliant Things

Path by Dock Creek and Carpenter’s Hall

“One day is there of the series
Termed “Thanksgiving Day”
Celebrated part at table
Part in memory –“
Emily Dickinson

A whimsical stream
reflecting autumn leaves
and wild turkeys clucking,
cooing, preening their feathers
in early morning light.

The sky is still adjusting,
it suggests peace, then trouble,
ever adaptable, vultures understand
its challenge, a caressing cover
that evaporates over time.

Autumn’s stained-glass light
and long shadows overtake
summer’s dawn choir and rabbits,
the graceful melancholy beauty, an expression
of loss and remembrance.

By the river’s edge
a coyote dashes
on powerful legs, she doesn’t
glance at the irate honking geese–
I’m encircled by tangible wonders.

A Thanksgiving table
our family gathered
with food and wine, telling stories, laughing,
and around us our ghosts smile,
yes, they are with us still.

I used some of Jane’s Random words for this almost Cadralor.
Last week was strange and stressful. It was good to see family at Thanksgiving. Who was able to come kept changing throughout the day.

We saw Every Brilliant Thing at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia on Saturday. It deals with the painful topics of depression and suicide, but it is not a depressing play. There is humor and joy, and ultimately it asks us to consider the brilliant things of every day. Audience members who agree are given cards with words to call out when during the play, the actor calls out the number. Other audience members were given roles in the play. This is the fourth time the Arden Theatre has presented this play with actor Scott Greer. It’s the first time we’ve seen it, but my husband and I both agreed we’d see it again.

34 thoughts on “Brilliant Things

  1. We used so many of the same words, focusing on the stream and the changing sky, but the tone is different.
    It always makes me smile, seeing turkeys trotting about like pigeons. I’ve only ever seen them plucked and trussed in a supermarket cold chest.

  2. You are so good with creating an atmosphere with your posts, Merril–the photos, the poetry, the catch-ups. Hope your holiday was all you could want (even with the presence of “river” ghosts). xo

  3. Love these Cadralor sample plates!
    You’ve woven much beauty and grace into this Monday’s musings.
    I’m happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The food looks scrumptious.
    Take care,

  4. It’s amazing that this season’s filtered light manages to at times be brilliant. Your verse gives that impression to me. By the way, I think I perceived a few “ghosts” around our table too!

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