Odilon Redon, Flower Clouds


the air was chocolate scented,
almost delicious, like eating a cloud,

and red-rose petals in murmurations
swept across the sky in winged formations
like questions waiting for answers,

would we wake to the dazzle-light,
the blush-breezes–or never notice

how time in wave-tumbles
fails to reveal its secrets,
even while voicing our dreams.

And if we recalled those dreams
when tiny, raw, and egg-fragile,

would they sail like stars,
twinkling ships in the night?

It’s a busy day, I finally had a chance to put this up–my collaboration with the Oracle. I had a difficult time getting any resolution. She just kept giving me if.

25 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. Your imagery enhances the “if” poem. Once I used a “what if” theme to summarize a story, with “questions waiting for answers.” The almost-but-not-quite mood I sense draws me in too. Wonderful, Merril!

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