Monday Morning Musings:


Storm-chased moon hides
to reappear in blue expanse,
and we, wine-warmed
and cheese-sated, watch
for the rainbows
beyond the storms

where bird-dawns wing, sing,
bring clouds of fire
but still—
and yet—

daffodils dance,
and I am eagle-brushed,
crow-captured, squirrel-scattered,

I am between shifting shadows
and incandescent corona—

bewildered—and bewitched
by spring.

Well, this is spring bouncing up and down like a yoyo. The moon was so bright this morning, I could see it through the shade. There was a frost advisory overnight, but we will have temperatures in the 70s F tomorrow and Wednesday, and even warmer on Thursday—when I’ll be busy with cooking for our family Passover meal. I just heard that our storms on Saturday night were worse than I thought—apparently there were five tornados in the Philadelphia region, but none right in my area. We were fortunate to have only a thunderstorm. And it cleared just before we got online for a virtual wine and cheese tasting with Tria. We had picked up our boxes earlier that day in the first round of rain before the sun came out in the afternoon.

Last Monday, we did a wine tasting (sharing two different flights and mushroom flatbread) at William Heritage Winery, where after the rain, we saw a rainbow. And before that, we were amused by the window reflections.

On Wednesday, I participated in Black Bough Poetry’s Open Mic, which I’ve signed up to do again this Wednesday. However, since it’s the first night of Passover, I won’t be able to stay to the very end. It’s a very supportive, convivial group, and host, editor Matthew MC Smith, is a wonderful host.

With all the various things going on, we didn’t watch too much. We’re caught up on Picard, with I think 3 more episodes to go. We’re watching an Italian series on Netflix, The Law According to Lidia Poët, which is sort of a mystery-costume drama. It’s based on the real first woman lawyer in Italy. It’s enjoyable. It reminds me a bit of Miss Scarlett and the Duke, but with more sex and in Italian.

I recorded the PBS program of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Joni Mitchell, but we didn’t watch it yet. I’m enjoying the novel I’m reading, but I haven’t finished it yet, so I’ll wait to comment.

22 thoughts on “Bewitched

  1. Wonderful welcome to spring in your verse.
    Love that cheese box! You guys really do the neatest things.
    Lidia is on my list to watch 🙂 Gotta brush up on my Italian if I’m going to celebrate next year over there.
    I also recorded the Joni Mitchel PBS thing (and haven’t watched it yet!)
    Happy Monday!

    • Thank you!
      The wine was good, but the cheese was amazing! I’m still eating it–just had a bit for lunch.
      I’m watching Lidia with subtitles, but if you know some Italian I think you’d be able to follow it because even I can pick up a few words and phrases.

  2. Wonderful images and words, Merril. We had a tornado nearby, too, but weathered the storms (Saturday and last night) with no damage here. It’s been a roller coaster ride of temperatures, that’s for sure.

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