Worlds and Colors


Franz Marc [Public domain],”The Little Blue Horses,”via Wikimedia Commons


Reflecting the sky,

manes and tails



Four legs gallop, then rest

sides heaving,



mothers and foals nuzzle,

in sheltered



safe from Earth’s war and bombs

far travels



and time, final frontiers,

journeys of



under the sky’s two suns,

peaceful world



This is a tilus series in response to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge. The prompt was the above painting by Franz Marc.

A tilus is composed of 10 syllables altogether: 6 for the first line, 3 for the second, and 1 for the third. I found this form very difficult to write. I’ve put together a series to tell a story because I really wondered about those blue horses, and I couldn’t tell their story in 10 syllables.




16 thoughts on “Worlds and Colors

  1. New forms take a while for me too. I tried a Minute poem today and didn’t care for the result. This is well done. A tough form..

    • Thank you, Michael. I tried several versions of a single tilus, and then deleted all of them. I think it could write one that is just about a feeling, but I really wanted to write about these blue horses!

      • The image didn’t inspire me and nothing came to mind so I had to pass on this one, sadly. I enjoy Jane’s feedback and reading the other poems. It’s about the growth so even the awkward first attempts have their purpose.

  2. Is this your first tilus? If so, pretty amazing. I associate odd colored animals with Picasso. I am not familiar with Franz Marc.

    Thanks for helping think about something other than labeling and taping boxes shut.

  3. Merril, I love color and imagination playing with words in peaceful poetry. This was both fun and pretty! Just a day brightener! 🙂
    I had a 48 hour week so will travel back through your blog to catch up, friend. xo

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