Flowers Again and Again

In guarded gardens, flowers grow

ordered, only the fittest fit–


tethered and trellis-trained

conserved, cared for, chromatic beauties


we pay to see

this oasis between highway deserts.


Yet, the unguarded blooms, guileless,

persistent, propagating


through buzzed bees and birds’ peck,

specks drop, imbed, again.



Wildflowers and plants, West Deptford, NJ

For dVerse,where Victoria asks us to write about gardens in a quadrille. Top photos are of a trip to Longwood Gardens one February about 10 years ago on my husband’s birthday. We had a freak warm spell with temperatures in the 70s F by the afternoon. It snowed the next day.

I’ve been doing lots of walking, and I often take pictures of the wildflowers growing all around my part of the world.





65 thoughts on “Flowers Again and Again

  1. I do love great greenhouses full of pampered plants, the oxygen is thick as mist, moist and pungent. But the wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest are fabulous. I wrote a poem about them recently.Your poem is excellent.

    • Thank you, Glenn.
      The greenhouses at Longwood Gardens are just a small part of the place that also includes wooded paths, fountains, and a meadow space, as well as formal garden plantings and paths. It really is a beautiful place to visit, but there is a bit of magic in the unexpected springing up of wildflowers.

  2. I like the contrasts you created here between the manicured garden and the wildflowers. I prefer the wildflowers. The ending is gorgeous, making me slow down to indulge on each word.

  3. Gorgeous. Made me think of my walk yesterday which also called my attention to the wild flowers. We put a price on something and all attention is focused there and yet- right next door, for free…
    and love the photos too

    • Thank you very much, dear Damien, for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I do enjoy Longwood Gardens (and I should mention that they’ve added a meadow area)–but yes, to find the unexpected is special.

      • I love that they have now included a meadow area- all the waking around these country lanes at the moment you see how much beauty there is in wild things that we never seem to celebrate- happy they are now included 👏☘️

  4. Oh I get this. I live within walking distance of the Botanical Gardens. Yet I am utterly fascinated by the wild growth of an abandoned home near me . It is somehow stubbornly, almost sadistically, thriving while its well tended neighbors seem to languish.

  5. Flowers are indispensable – for our souls and for our Earth. My guy and I visited Longwood Garden the day before my mom’s memorial service. A little peaceful meandering – although it was HOT and HUMID and we wilted, much like the flowers. 🙂 But that conservatory – when I lived in DE when my babies were babies, I’d walk there in the middle of winter for some heated peace. 🙂 Your poem says it all! xo

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