Poem in Visual Verse

My poem, “Versions and Visions” was published in the most recent issue of Visual Verse.

You can see the image and read my poem here.

I’m sharing this with dVerse Open Link Night—live today at 3:00 PM, EST.

I’ve recorded it, as well.

64 thoughts on “Poem in Visual Verse

  1. I love your poem! Congratulations on its publication. Thank you for including the reading. When I saw the poem next to the image, my immediate reaction was, oh, no, this is the wrong image for the poem; it does the poem an injustice. Then, of course I realized that it was the other way ’round!

  2. Oh Merril….SOOO glad I linked to see the image with the poem. Loved hearing it read at OLN LIVE but love it even more seeing the image used in the prompt. Your response is PERFECT!

  3. This is absolutely stunning, Merril! Congratulations on its publication and thank you so much for sharing a reading of the poem as well. Especially like; “She longs for water and moonglade, she wants a bed and a ship; the subaqueous and the superlunary both beyond reach.”💝💝

  4. Fantastic ekphrastic, Merril I’ve been having trouble warming up to some (ie most) of the prompts at that site & so have submitted there only once (a while back), This one especially stumped me, but YOU have NAILED IT! I’d forgotten the prompt & when I heard you read, I knew I had to go back and check it out. Perfecto!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Ron.! Yes, many of the images there are unusual, but for this one, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with it. I’m pleased you liked the result!

  5. I love this poem, Merril!

    ‘Surrounded by her many selves, the worlds of what if
    and what might be, she sees

    each is as each could be.’

    That’s so positive and empowering! And the idea of always changing form, I can identify with that, perhaps we all can 🙂

  6. You have made the duality within us very real here, and also,fragile and beautiful.At the heart of this is the folk tale is sacrifice, but here it seems painless, almost natural, and well worth living. I especially like the lines Ingrid quotes above.

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