Angels and Magic: Magnetic Poetry


Walters Art Museum [Public domain, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons




There are fools surrounding a god

of smoke & poison

remember angel voices caramel breath linger long,


“it is I,

time to wake”

embrace this desire & live no prisoner

fever haunted

laugh open our secret magic

never let peace go




in warm night

a marble boy is born

the star bleeds

delicious colors

and will heal him

it is salt-rhythm poetry

glass and fire

for a wild heart


Saturday Magnetic Poetry. The Oracle decided to go with some magical realism, or surrealism, or perhaps it’s time for Angels in America (again).  The Oracle is cryptic.


23 thoughts on “Angels and Magic: Magnetic Poetry

  1. The first one still (to me) may reflect political changes to come. I may just have my mind too firmly upon the recent tragedy . . . but see your peaceful, suggested ending. 🙂

    The second one is more artistic in my mind, a painting of rich colors and effects. I like the “glass and fire for the heart,” description. ❤
    I like the play "Angels in America." I didn't have HBO when it came out as a mini-series. I may need to check if library has this television series. Did you like the play or the series, Merril?

    • Yes, there was definitely some political thought in the first one. 😉 The second one just came from the words, and I went with it.
      Live theater is always magical, Robin. We watched the HBO version that we got from our library. I thought it was very well done. We saw that first–maybe when our older daughter was a high school senior or home from college break? Then a couple of years ago we saw the play performed at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. They did part one in the spring and then part two the next fall.

  2. Merril, I particularly love the second one and the marble boy. Very moving.
    How do you select the words for your magnetic word poems? I have set of these so I’m going to give it a go.
    Thanks or sharing.
    xx Rowena

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